Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical and Electronics Engineering are emerging fields of engineering that integrate electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, control engineering and information technology.   Mechatronics combines areas of engineering to allow the design, development and application of “smart devices” in an integrated, cross-disciplinary manner. Mechatronics is the science of intelligent systems where students learn to design, develop, fabricate, and test smart systems. Robotics is a good example of Mechatronics since it combines various mechanical parts such as arms, actuators, gears and wheels, with electronic components that control movement, and provide power.   Subjects covered include electronics, VEX robotics, Bots IQ (BattleBots), robotic engineering, Parametric solid modeling using Solidworks Computer-Aided design software, modeling and simulation of mechatronics systems, sensors and actuators, engineering mathematics,  machine component design, mechanical design, circuits and systems, control theory, programming, digital signal processing, and power engineering.